Developing emotional intelligence in order to drive sales effectiveness


Despite a reputation for their excellence in customer service, Coutts & Co. faced a challenge on the frontline. They had noticed that advisors sometimes struggled to form a connection with certain clients. And when this was the case, advisors would either lean on the reputation of the bank or pass these clients on to other colleagues in the hope they would form a more meaningful connection. To change this pattern, they wanted to give their advisors the skills and awareness to better click with these clients, building deeper connections and improve their overall experience of the sales process. 


Based on Dan Goleman’s Model of emotional intelligence, we put together a program designed to enhance EQ and give advisors the skills and awareness needed to click with their clients. The Coutts CLICK programme included 4 key phases.

Setting Goals

An initial 1-2-1 in which we introduced our EQ model and used it to identify key strengths, areas for development, and set goals to work toward during the program

EQ Workshop

A two day workshop which looked at developing self-awareness, emotional control, and advisors ability to read others’ preferences and emotional states

CLICK Skills

A one-day workshop introducing applied skills and techniques to help advisors better click with their clients

Maintaining Momentum

A final 1-2-1 which helped individuals reflect on key lessons and work through ways to build these lessons into the way they work


Over 400 sales advisors and team leaders have now participated in CLiCK, with the course receiving excellent NPS across 25 cohorts. 

Those who have been through the programme saw an increase in their Emotional Intelligence, which has resulted in significant improvements in client rated Net Promoter Scores, client satisfaction scores, and overall sales performance.

  • 2.1x increase in client related net promoter scores

  • 24% increase in emotional agility

  • 20% increase in contextual sensitivity 

  • 18% increase in emotional intelligence
The CLICK program was awarded the Princess Royal Training Award in 2022, in recognition on its impact on staff development and organisational impact.

“The CLICK program has seen cultural shift at Coutts in how everyone thinks about themselves, their client, and their colleagues. We understand ourselves and each other more deeply, but are even more impactful with the ability to flex becoming second nature. Client NPS scores are now significantly higher for advisers who had been through CLICK versus those that haven’t. It has been transformational for our people and our clients, and has help shape a purpose led culture”. 

Warren Thompson, Managing Director, Head of Coutts Family Office and UHNW