Coutts Private Banking.

— Leadership Development and Emotional Intelligence

We first began working with Coutts in 2017 when we ran a pilot programme with one of their senior teams. After seeing the power of SpotlightPROFILE in raising self-awareness and enhancing team development, we were asked to create a leadership development programme for the bank.

We crafted the THiNK programme to support Coutts in developing the leaders of the future, incorporating offsite workshops, 1-1 coaching and in-house follow-up sessions.

Over a unique 5-day programme, leaders develop the ability to tap into their own and their team’s character strengths, enhance team engagement, and apply “problem cleaning” methodologies in their work.


Coutts initially requested a leadership programme to be used across the entire bank, incorporating strategic thinking and personal development.

We created a programme incorporating our SpotlightPROFILE, SpotlightTEAMS, ‘Problem Cleaning’ and SuperStrengths frameworks. This combination of tools, all underpinned by the common FLEX and COPE frameworks, was also aimed at creating a common language across the organisation.


With over 140 leaders having been through the programme so far, THiNK has had a significant impact across the bank in a host of different ways. From hard business results, to enhanced staff engagement scores, the success of the programme has been recognised across all levels of the bank. 

Following the success of the THiNK programme, we were then asked to develop a 2-day SpotlightEQ course in conjunction with the Private Learning and Development team. The 2-day SpotlightEQ course has been combined with an in-house sales programme, with the overall programme becoming known as ‘CLiCK’.