We design, deliver, and accredit others in our tools. Everything we design is focussed on unlocking the potential of people. Our tools are designed to be impactful, accessible and relevant to the modern world.

Our tools are rigorously underpinned by research and applied experience.
Discover more about our tools and how to use these below.


Based on the science of psychology, along with decades worth of experience in elite sport, we designed SpotlightPROFILE to be practical, memorable and relevant to the modern world.


Building upon the breakthroughs from Spotlight, SpotlightTEAMS is a performance focussed team profiling tool, exploring psychological safety and team dynamics. 


Problem Cleaning is the brilliantly simple and memorable way to solve messy problems & create the change you need.


Pig Wrestling is a simple story with a powerful message. Read in under an hour, and you’ll be ready to tackle any type of sticky situation.