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WEBINAR: Spotlight on… Super-Strengths

After the success of the first webinar in our ‘Spotlight on…’ series, hosted by Andrew Strauss, we’re delighted to be able to share with you details of our next webinar in the series. Taking place at 1pm on Monday 30th November, Andrew will be joined by former squash world champion, Nick Matthew, as they discuss the concept...
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SpotlightPROFILE is now ICF Approved

Our team are delighted to say that our SpotlightPROFILE Accreditation courses are now ICF approved, and so can now be used to gain over 23 hours towards your Continuing Coach Education! By joining us on one of our accreditation courses, you will spend two days taking part in a variety of hands-on sessions to learn...
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WEBINAR: Spotlight on… Developing Adaptable Leaders

As the way we work changes, adaptable leadership sits at the heart of getting the most out of our people. By being able to shift our style and focus, not only can we get better results, but we can also create better relationships, improve mental wellbeing, and help those we work with better manage the...
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The Science of Adaptability: A White Paper

In a world which is constantly changing, the capacity to adapt is becoming increasingly important to our ability to perform, collaborate, and thrive.
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Spotlight Version 3.0 is here!

Since launching Spotlight back in 2017, we’ve been thrilled with how it’s been received by our practitioners and the impact that its had with their clients. When we started working on version 3.0 we set ourselves the goal of changing peoples’ relationship with Spotlight, and profiling more widely. In a world where we need adaptability,...
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