Spotlight Team Development Days.

With remote working on the rise, along with increasing levels of change to our day-to-day lives, we need greater levels of collaboration, adaptability and resilience more than ever if we are to maintain both performance and wellbeing.

Build adaptability, collaboration, resilience & psychological safety within your team.

Our development days are designed to help your team do just that.

Together, all of these things can help your team to build more meaningful relationships with each other, whilst also enhancing both individual and collective performance and wellbeing.

Taking place online, our team development days are carried out in-keeping with the spirit of the barn. We deliver them with a sense of playful curiosity, as a member of the team guides you through a number of hands-on, interactive activities to help generate a sense of exploration throughout the day.

Taking place over two 3-hour webainrs

You will end the day having...
  • Increased personal awareness of individual preferences, strengths and counter-weights
  • Understood how to appreciate each other's strengths
  • Learnt how to build an environment which gets the best out of everyone
  • Recognised your team's collective strengths and blindspots
  • Created individual and team development plans to deliver sustained success

Our team development days can be delivered to teams of 4 to 20 people

Included in the package will be...
  • A 'pre' and 'post' telephone call with the team leader
  • A SpotlightPROFILE for each member of your team
  • A team map, showing your team's collective strengths and blindspots
  • A SpotlightDYNAMICS report for your team
  • The delivery of two 3-hour webinars
  • A team development plan to take away, with recommendations for future interventions

To find our more or book your team development day, please complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.