We specialise in unlocking the potential of people and teams. With a broad spectrum of expertise, innovative ideas and methods, we work at the intersection of psychology, design and elite performance.


Explore. Design. Integrate.

We help our clients to transform the way that they fundamentally work, helping their people and teams to become more resilient, adaptable and innovative.

In partnership with our clients, we seek to understand their unique context, before designing programmes of support that harness existing strengths and maximise their unique edge.

Our programmes are always designed to empower our clients, giving them the skills, tools and frameworks to embed these positive changes for the long term.

First Step


Exploring and understanding preferences, team dynamics and unearthing existing resources. 

Second Step


Creating high performing programmes of work, crafted from our cutting edge tools and frameworks.

Third Step


Empowering and supporting our clients in helping them to embed their gains for the long term.

Meet The Team

We are a team of psychologists, designers, researchers and consultants

Mindflick were introduced to me and a few months ago we embarked on our team development adventure! The process and results obtained through our partnership with Mindflick have been transformational. In all my years of leadership and team-building I have never seen such an effective tool as Mindflick’s Spotlight which brought both individual’s personal profiles together with team dynamics assessments through a highly intuitive and visual process in an interactive format.

Andrew TylerCEO, Algeco