The Fat Duck Group.

— Team and Leadership Development

We first met with the FD group back in 2013 when we were asked to work with Heston and his senior leadership team during their first offsite. Since then, using a combination of team events and 1-1 leadership coaching, we’ve supported the Fat Duck Group to remain at the very top of their game.

Following delivering at the initial offsite event, we were asked to provide 1-1 coaching support to senior members of the team. Over the course of a 3 year period, we provided leadership development support to help key individuals successfully transition into leadership roles.


With the success and growth of the organisation, the leadership needs had also evolved  over time. We were asked to provide ongoing support to key leaders within the group before helping these individuals to embed the changes into the wider teams.


Having worked with both individuals (coaching and mentoring) and teams (offsite events and embedding frameworks) we helped the FD group to think differently about the performance of their people. Helping them to understand key dynamics, whilst unearthing existing strengths, we helped them to stay at the top of their game during periods of profound change.

Within the Fat Duck Group’s restaurants, we consider teamwork, performing under pressure and creativity as the key ingredients behind our consistently high performance. The unique frameworks within Mindflick’s products have allowed our teams to be aware of how we interact as a dynamic and how to deliver when it matters. Maximising our strengths, being aware of our weak spots creating a common mindset and shared language across the group.

Ashley Palmer-WattsChef Director at the Fat Duck Group